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You may honor a friend or family member with an EFM Christmas donation in their name. EFM will send each individual (your honorees) a personalized EFM Christmas card by ground mail.

All donations for gifts in this catalog are tax deductible.
If you want more copies of the EFM Christmas catalog and/or order forms, please contact the EFM office.

EFM’s commitment is simple: All donations will be used as designated unless a Christmas gift is fully funded, in which case we will fund another item in the catalog; if all gifts in the Christmas are fully funded, the remaining funds will go to ministries that support the projects.

Thank you for your prayers and support of Evangelical Friends Mission!
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Christmas is fun! But what if you lived in a country where Jesus’ birth is NOT celebrated? What if you only watched Christmas celebrations on TV, and now you are very curious? Then imagine that your neighbor just invited you to your first Christmas party where you will learn the true meaning of Christmas for the first time! 

What can a Christmas party accomplish?

  • New redemptive relationships
  • Children and adults hear the Christmas story for the first time
  • Hearts captured by the story of Jesus
  • Opportunities for discipleship and church planting

Item # CHR-1: Sponsor One Christmas Party, $20


Jesus told us to GO! Bicycles carry many Friends pastors on our mission fields to places where people receive help, encouragement, and hear the Good News. Our pastors, evangelists, and church planters GO with or without a bicycle, but the gift of a bicycle releases them to GO farther, faster, and cheaper.

What can a bicycle accomplish?

  • Pastors on foot become more mobile
  • The Good News is transported to more village communities
  • More new churches grow in faith and understanding

ITEM # BIC-1: Bicycle, $100


“A moo-moo here and an oink-oink there . . .” Villagers who have been given a goat, cow, or pig have been given an economical boost that helps to provide an income for their families. This is especially true for widows who can’t provide for their households because they are trapped by a cultural stigma that won’t allow them to remarry. The gift of an animal can make an enormous difference for any household that’s in need, whether it’s a two-parent family, a one-parent family, or a widow without children.

Item # ANI-1: Goat, $40

Item # ANI-2: Cow, $140

Item # ANI-3: Pig, $100


A track to run on needs nuts and bolts that hold it all together.

Whether the ministry is a really exciting opportunity, or a mundane daily-duty type of ministry, our missionaries need funds for the nuts and bolts of ministry. Nuts and bolts “hold it all together” and keep missionaries moving down the tracks of their ministry objectives.

What do “nuts and bolts where needed most” accomplish?

  • Keeps our missionaries on the mission field and on track with their ministry
  • Meets the needs of the whole person for the whole ministry
  • Has maximum impact on underfunded ministries

Item # NBL-1: One Day of Nuts and Bolts Where Needed Most, $10

Item # NBL-2: One Week of Nuts and Bolts Where Needed Most, $70


Cold weather seems to last forever in villages where huts don’t have adequate heat sources. EFM often hears stories from those who receive blankets. One elderly widow cried when she received the first blanket of her life. A father gave thanks because his family enjoyed a “good night of rest for the first time” during the winter season. Why? They had been given the gift of blankets.

Item # BLK-1: One Blanket, $10


God cares deeply about the orphan and so does the church. Education is a significant need of orphans because it gives them a much better shot at pursuing God’s dreams for their future. Your support enables orphans to have the most basic items in order to enroll in their local public school. But to take it a step further, you have the opportunity to purchase backpacks to bless these children. Backpacks keep books, papers, and supplies gathered up and dry while the orphan walks to school during the long rainy season.

Item # ORP-1: One Backpack, $7

Item # ORP-2: One Year of Educational Support for an Orphan, $25


Discipling for Development is a ministry that Rwandan Friends are using to bring Christ’s whole-life transformation to communities; consequently, disciple-making relationships have become part of their church culture. Community leaders are mentored through a process that helps them identify community resources, which enables the leaders to apply sustainable solutions to the problem of poverty. This is accomplished in a disciple-making relationship that helps people connect with Christ’s love. When the love of Jesus becomes real, people understand that God’s message of whole-life transformation affects every area of life: economics, health, relationships, spiritual growth, farming methods, and the environment.

Item # D4D-1: One D for D Lesson Translated, $10

Item # D4D-2: One Day of D for D Coaching, $75

Item # D4D-3: One D for D Training Retreat, $400


Electricity is really great when you have it! Many communities around the world have learned to live with frequent power outages, and it has become a regular part of life. But there are some Friends churches that we would love to bless with a generator! We want their power to be on whenever they need it.

What can a generator accomplish?

  • Crowded congregations will have non-stop fans blowing on them during hot summer worship gatherings
  • Active congregations will have non-stop lighting for evening activities
  • City churches will use non-stop microphones and electric guitars

Item # GEN-1: Contribution Toward a Generator, $50

Item # GEN-2: One Generator, $500

HEALTH CLINIC—Re-establish a health clinic for a village of 10,000 people!

EFM’s CHE teams have stumbled onto an opportunity to re-establish a health clinic. This two- or three-year project involves a CHE team working with community leaders and even includes support from the government. This is a cooperative effort that will rebuild the infrastructure and day-to-day operations of the health clinic. Once this clinic is up and running again, the community will cooperate with the government to manage and fund the clinic without EFM’s direct involvement. Meanwhile, the CHE team will continue their holistic-discipleship ministry and participate in an organic multiplication of Jesus followers and church planting. 

Item # MED-1: Contribution to Health Clinic, $20

Item # MED-2: Contribution to Health Clinic, $500

TRANSPORTATION—A Good Mini-Van and Two Used Jeeps

EFM’s goal is to take really good care of our missionaries, but we can’t accomplish that goal without your help! This united effort relies on those who go, those who stay, those who give, and those who pray. For those who go—they will continue to go, but they need dependable transportation to get there. Here’s the solution: Those who stay provide the transportation for those who go! Vehicles can get us into difficult places where the missionaries become salt and light. When they arrive at those difficult places, they represent all of us and we share in their witness “to the ends of the earth.”

Item # VEH-1:  Contribution to a Vehicle, $20

Item # VEH-2:  Contribution to a Vehicle, $500

Item # VEH-3:  Contribution to a Vehicle, $10,000


Great Lakes Leadership Training (GLLT) has equipped hundreds of devoted and courageous men and women since 1988. Ministering in Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo has many challenges, but students trained by GLLT have joined with African church leaders to offer the peace, the love, and the hope of Jesus Christ. While Friends in Congo run a small Bible school and have grassroots training for pastors in the villages, Burundi has two high-school level Bible schools: Kibimba Willard Ferguson Seminary and Kwibuka Willard Ferguson Seminary, and the Rwanda Friends Theological College trains pastors and leaders.

Item # TRA-1: Contribution to GLLT Where Needed, $20

Item # TRA-2: Contribution to Congo Ministry Training, $20

Item # TRA-3: Contribution to Burundi Willard Ferguson Seminaries, $20

Item # TRA-4: Contribution to Rwanda Friends Theological College, $20

MICRO-BUSINESS TRAINING—Bi-vocational Evangelist Support Training (BEST)

BEST equips men and women leaders on some of our mission fields with business skills and concepts that enable them to operate micro-businesses. Several stages of training establish each mission field with local-leadership skills and trainers who are able to carry on the program without our assistance.

What does micro-business training accomplish?

  • Micro-businesses establish self-supported families, including the families of pastors and evangelists
  • Self-supported families launch self-sustaining local ministries
  • Self-sustaining local ministries become platforms for church planting

Item # BUS-1: Support One Student for One Day of Training, $30

Item # BUS-2: One BEST Presenter Kit for National Instructor, $60

Item # BUS-3: Support One BEST Traveling Trainer, Cost per Day, $200


The gift of a sewing machine and sewing classes will give women effective skills that allow them to provide for their families. These classes have become a vital tool for helping widows, but the success of sewing classes depends on an adequate training center for instructors and students.

What does the sewing program accomplish?

  • Helps fulfill James 1:27, which is the practice of true religion
  • Gives women dignity, which enables them to work with their own hands
  • Helps the church befriend many Hindu women

Item # SEW-1: One Sewing Machine, $200

Item # SEW-2: Contribution Toward Sewing Machine, $20

Item # SEW-3: One Month of Rent for Sewing Center, $50


Information about Optional Honorees

You may honor a friend or family member with an EFM Christmas donation in their name. EFM in return will send the persons (honorees) you designate, a personalized EFM Christmas card by ground mail. You may also additionally choose to include a personal greeting up to 100 characters.

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