EFM 2017 Easter Offering Featuring Mexico



In 1967, the joint venture in missions that became Evangelical Friends Mission (EFM) sent out its  first missionaries. The missionaries were Roscoe and Tina Knight. Their destination was Mexico City. The yearly meetings/regions that sent them were Ohio Yearly Meeting (now Evangelical Friends Church— Eastern Region), Kansas Yearly Meeting (now Evangelical Friends Church—Mid America), Oregon Yearly Meeting (now Northwest Yearly Meeting), and Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting.

Roscoe and Tina had already spent a couple of decades in Bolivia and Peru with their family, planting Friends churches in areas where there were none. They were seasoned, pioneer missionaries. Mexico City proved to be one of their toughest challenges. It took all the faith and perseverance they could summon to gain a toehold for the gospel in that place. Church planting has never been easy in Mexico.

In 1967, the Lord of the harvest used the Knights to plant a mustard seed in a section of Mexico City called Viveros del Valle. That seed produced a hardy plant called La Familia Unida en Cristo (The United Family in Christ) Friends Church. During the last  fifty years that plant has continued to grow and pollinate, leading to more plants in other parts of the city as well as other parts of Mexico. Along the way many missionaries and Mexican evangelists and pastors have followed Roscoe and Tina to help tend this small garden in God’s  eld. At the  fifty-year mark, it looks like the mother plant is going to keep on growing and multiplying.

In the materials that follow, you will meet one of the founding families of La Familia Unida en Cristo Friends Church. You will also meet the couple who gives leadership to this church and to Mexico Yearly Meeting. And you will meet a missionary couple who served with their family in Mexico City for many years under EFM. I hope you will use these materials in your Sunday school classes and small groups to help celebrate what God has been doing in Mexico.

From day one, EFM has been dedicated to fueling a worldwide movement of people who seek  first the kingdom of God, planting churches that live and die to carry out the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment. When you give to EFM, you are helping to fuel this movement in places like Mexico, the Philippines, India, Rwanda, Nepal, Ireland, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Ecuador, and among Muslims living in Europe and the Middle East. Mustard seeds become plants that yield a harvest for our risen Lord.

Giving to this year’s Easter Offering is a great way to keep planting seeds in tough places. Will you be a part of it?
Dan Cammack Executive Director of EFM

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